What this ignores is the human factor. Diamond mining supports millions of people every year, and the countries where diamonds are mined rely on their mineral wealth. Simply avoiding mining altogether would be of no benefit to those people at all, especially as the pandemic has already hit them hard. As seen with Fairtrade Gold, responsible mining on a small scale can be beneficial to both people and the environment as the miners are fairly paid and their community supported. They are also helped to ensure that what they do has as small an environmental impact as possible so that the land can be returned to its original state after the gold is mined out. At the moment it is hard to find diamonds that are mined under similar conditions (COVID slowed down all sorts of things) but we are always looking for a project that will bring that dream to life. Mining will go on happening anyway; if we as a company disassociate ourselves from that part of the industry, we will not be able to challenge working conditions / gender equality / safety / environmental degradation or anything else.